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    The Salesforce Course by SkillUpEasy will enable you to explore either admin or developer segments or both. Salesforce Administrator Training helps to learn App Builder skills along with managing users and building applications.

    Data modeling and management concepts are clearly explained as part of the Salesforce Training. The course structure of Salesforce Development Training includes SFDC Data Model, SFDC, Apex, App Builder, Visualforce, and many more.

    A complete Salesforce Learning package

    Aspirants will be fully trained in handling the Salesforce instance, application development using Lightning, database, platform, platform configuration, application design, project management, automation processes, and many more in the Salesforce Online Training.

    In much detail, SkillUpEasy provides in-depth knowledge of Salesforce CRM and its features along with field types, objects, and validation rules. You get to know workflow automation alongside security and data access with Salesforce Training in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

    One of the major concepts of sales and service cloud configuration in this course can’t be ignored, as the companies are shifting focus towards cloud-based applications. Salesforce interface and user interface configuration are clearly on the list of concepts in the course.

    Salesforce Admin Course

    Administrator concepts in Salesforce involve User management techniques and Data management procedures such as Introduction on Cloud Computing, Pricing, introducing tabs, Tab bar, Master-detail relationship, Introducing automation, and planning for approval processes.

    Salesforce Administration training also focuses on better understanding sales cloud and & service cloud. The aspirants who deal with this course can also master Auto business flows (Workflow Rules, Process builder, Approval Process…etc).

    The course includes Profile management methodologies to deal user license, Login hours, roles, and Email alert. They need a Security & share model to protect clients and companies from overcoming fraudulent practices. SkillUpEasy helps leaner’s from issues with real-time techniques. Aspirants will learn additionally as some more topics will be covered alongside.

    Salesforce Developer Course

    SkillUpEasy initiates the basics of programming for those who aren’t aware of coding in the past. Later the concepts related to Basics of Salesforce Development with programming, Governor limits, Salesforce Lightning, DML statements, Input components, Salesforce LWC (Lightning Web Component), Introduction to SOQl, and Advance APEX are clearly explained.

    In the development segment, one needs to know How REST API & SOAP API in Salesforce works and the complete functioning of the system. We help to crack the interviews with the Guidance/help for Salesforce certifications and also provide Basic support for 1 month.